Web APIs for Plug-and-Play Neurotechnology

Qusp’s vision is to embed advanced neurotechnology into everyday life. We offer a middleware platform for biosignal interpretation, which is easily integrated into existing mobile and desktop applications through a cloud API. NeuroScale empowers developers to rapidly create transformative brain- and body-aware applications impacting medicine and health, interactive technology, marketing, education, and more.



A scalable real-time platform for processing EEG and other biosignals in the cloud. Anytime. Anywhere.

✔ RESTful API: If your application can connect to the Internet, it can be made ‘bio aware’

✔ Sensor-agnostic: Can integrate EEG, ECG, EMG, HID, eye tracking, motion, and more

✔ Secure and private

✔ Robust and scalable



A powerful computational engine for biosignal processing coupled with an intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface for building pipelines.

✔ Comprehensive algorithm library: 100+ algorithms including advanced artifact (noise) removal, high-resolution brain mapping, advanced analytics using machine learning, and much more

✔ Real-time visualizations

✔ Broad hardware support: interfaces with the Lab Streaming Layer, supporting most consumer and research EEG hardware and over 22 other device classes

✔ Pipelines deploy on NeuroScale for real-time access anywhere you can connect to the Internet

Team Leadership

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Tim Mullen

Founder / Chief Executive Officer
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Christian Kothe

Chief Technology Officer
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Tomas Ward

Chief Operations Officer
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Nima Bigdely Shamlo

Chief Data Officer
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Allen Gruber

Chief Financial Officer
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Aaron McCoy

Senior Systems Architect

Our team additionally includes talented neuroscientists and engineers with expertise in signal processing and machine learning, multimodal data analysis, and web/mobile technologies.  We are seeking outstanding individuals to join the team.